1110 & 1160

Mar 6, 2019
so I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it.
My thoughts about 1110 are those I wrote in the post #103. Compared to listening with dac/pre only, I confirm a great sense of rhythm, impressive speed, great breadth and better distinction of the individual instruments. In short, the pleasure of listening has grown.
It may be that the merit of these improvements is also due to the 1160 amplifier, which is now working more at ease driven by its preamp.



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Dec 20, 2011
San Diego
I have been playing the 1110 for many hours now with all types of music. It is sensational. Breathtaking how good it is.

I heard Joshua Bell with pianist Alessio Bax live on Tuesday at the Fort Collins, CO Lincoln Center, sitting 4th row, not 20 feet from them. A great performance. Playing Mr. Bell's CDs and SACDs using PD MPT-8/MPD-8 -- wow. To me, the Boulder 1110/3060/YG is the closest to the sound of real acoustic instruments.
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