Advice needed - looking for a 3-rail LPS to supply 3x12V DC: 1A, 4A, 8A


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Jan 28, 2013
Hi there folks, looking for some help here. I would like to consolidate and improve DC supply to my "head end" comprising fiber modem (Inteno XG6846), music server (sonicTransporter i5 Gen 1) and NAS (Qnap TS-i410x) currently running off three wallwarts. So I am looking for an LPS with 3 rails capable of running off 230V and supplying 12V at 1A, 4A and 8A respectively. The sonicTransporter can live off anything from 12-19V (4A) and the Qnap 9-36V (8A) if that helps.

I zeroed in on the HDPlex 300W which seemed to fit the bill perfectly. Unfortunately it emits a quite high volume mechanical hum and Larry at HDPlex seems to think that sending me a replacement will not help so I am returning it. Larry has been extremely helpful about the return so full marks to HDPlex for service!

However, I need to find an alternative product that meets these requirements (must be min 3 rail and be able to supply the above 4 units, silently!), available in EU and preferably in the sub-€1k price range and definitely sub-€2k. The closest I have found so far is the Keces P14. Surely, there must be more??

Grateful for any clues for the clueless!
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