Any Metronome C5 or C8 Reference owners here?


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Nov 17, 2011

If anyone here owns the unit, I would like to know how it compares to .. (preference is USB connection, which is M2Tech there)
Are there any (technical or other) issues I shall be aware of?

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Hi Michael,
I have a C5 but not messed around with the USB so my thoughts would not necessarily match what your after in terms of info.
For S/PDIF I found it better than Audio Research DAC8, in fact combined with my Dzeel 8550 it sounds reasonably close to a dual Devialet (replaced my Devialets to the Metronome/Zeel setup) but is better in some ways with greater depth-musical foot tapping-etc at the expense of the extreme delicate-finesse the Devialet could produce.
This is saying something because the Devialet does a heck of a lot right.

Downside, in some ways it has the very subtle trait that all delta sigma DACs (including ESS Sabre32) have, although for me the C5 using AKM chips is so far my favourite of this group.
In a rush so difficult to say much more, sorry, but no problems so far and had mine for quite a few months now.

Yes, indeed I had few chances to listen to different models of Metronome, and their sound is very "fluid", so I did not care much about everything else..

Did you have a chance to use high-rez material?

Did you have a chance to compare to C8?

I have Metronome C-8 Reference which use with CD transport via AES/EBU digital cable and which Linn Akurate DS as files transport via BNC-digital cable+van den hul BNC-RCA 75om connector. So i don't use USB but by other digital inputs this DAC is the best as i heard. I have too Accustic Arts Tube DAC II mk2, very good too, and Esoteric K-01, very good too.
Metronome is the best, most musically. Maybe dCS Vivaldi is better but i'm not sure, will test it near future.

I can share now something about the C6 :)

The beauty excels in high-resolution.
I had Weiss 202.. Compared to the modded Transporter I had for few years until now, and Weiss and Transporter were quite close. So I couldn't justify the upgrade.

But Metronome took the high-res to completely new level. Actually, through the USB interface (this is how it is connected now in my setup) 176.4 KHz & 192 KHz my records just sound fantastic - very lively, I hear many ambient sounds I could not hear well before, the instruments and texture are very real and well positioned.

It is funny.. My wife asked me today "something wrong with my ears.. I hear the instruments coming from different places.." :)
Yes, Metronome brings inside the music environment.

The USB interface, based on M2Tech's EVO (?) with proprietary 64-bit drivers, is fantastic, better actually than the AES/EBU.
USB shines comparing to AES/EBU, that to me sounds a bit dull

The big surprise to me was, again, the high-resolution sound, especially for these above 96 KHz - Dave Brubecks' TimeOut left me breathless - the percussion were so real, and the speed of the bass, and sense of the air, ...


My transport is a PC, I can give full spec here if you're interested.
For comparison to AES/EBU input, I used SlimDevices Transporter


For the ones Who own a c8 or a c6, the original tubes are JAN6922 if I remember well.
Did somebody changed the tubes and would recommend some references ?


As far as I know JAN is the short name for Joint Army-Navy Nomenclature System and is not a brand of tubes - it just means the tube fulfilled military specifications.
My Metronome C2A was delivered with Philips JAN6922 tubes.
As far as I know JAN is the short name for Joint Army-Navy Nomenclature System and is not a brand of tubes - it just means the tube fulfilled military specifications.
My Metronome C2A was delivered with Philips JAN6922 tubes.

Very Zanden DAC was JAN Phillips 6922 as well. I like the 'voice' a lot...but found it ultimately quite microphonic...something i am told is endemic to the design. In the end, i have moved to Amperex 7308 in the Zanden DAC, but hear good things about Telefunken and Siemens replacements depending on tastes. I believe Jim Smith used to distribute Amperex tubes with his Zanden DACs when he was the Zanden distributor.

Micro - do you still use the JAN PHillips in your Metronome or have you rolled another tube in?

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