Anyone else using an Esoteric SA60 as their digital source

willie garvin

New Member
Aug 29, 2010

Having had my Esoteric SA60 for over a year now I was wondering if anyone else had one in their system & more importantly what they think of it.

I have a 'heavily modded' Marantz CD67SE, Mk 1 model & IMHO it is a very good cdp & the Esoteric SA60 was an impulse buy bought purely on having read reviews, I know it's not the way to do it, but where I live there are no HiFi retailers who could or would demo one for me.

This is not an ego trip, I'm wanting some feedback as to what other Esoteric SA60 users think, good or bad.

I should also add that my Marantz CD67SE is still one of my all time favourite cdp's.


willie G

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