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May 7, 2010
Marina del Rey, CA
However the chronological falsehoods threw cold water on what could have been pure magic. Hi-FiGuy mentioned Fat Bottomed Girls being out of sequence, and so was the birth of We Will Rock You; it came after a scene from 1980 (!). I thought there was something else that wasn't right, but don't remember now. Also, why did the film have to claim that the band had not performed for years before Live Aid? That's just a lie, they were on tour (The Works Tour) the year before!

Had the movie not had those easily avoidable faults -- throwing them in for drama really accomplishes nothing -- it could have been wonderful. I did tear up a bit during the Live Aid show, that was superb.
Not to mention all the lame lines in the middle. And the bad Mike Myers scene. And totally sanitizing Freddy Mercury's life.

The Live Aid scene saved a bad movie. I can't say I learned much about the real Freddie Mercury honestly

I think if folks think back to Walk the Line...a truly wonderful biopic.

Steve Williams

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Mike Myers was in the movie for a reason..../
From Vanity Fair/ Jason Merritt

Do you see that? That thing over there? It appears to be a little silhouetto of a man climbing out of the ‘90s and into 2017 for his most perfectly timed role yet. That’s right: Mike Myers is in talks to land a role in the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic Bohemian Rhapsody,decades after a single scene in Wayne’s World tied him to the iconic Queen song forever.

Deadline reports that Myers is apparently negotiating for a role in the upcoming film, which will be directed by Bryan Singer, though it’s unclear who he would play. Rami Malek and his steak knife of a jaw are already set to play Mercury, though the rest of the cast is still filling out—leaving the possibilities quite endless for Myers. Perhaps he’ll play a juicy managerial role, a mainstay in every rock ‘n’ roll biopic? Or an antagonistic radio host? Or maybe he’ll just fully cosplay as Wayne Campbell, and we’ll all just pretend like Wayne is supposed to look much, much older than he was in 1992?


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Oct 22, 2011
Just saw this and I echo everything Steve said. Not only was the movie very good but I doubt Freddie Mercury could have done a better job than Malek playing himself.

This was not a documentary so I don't understand all the nits about there being some stuff out of chronological order. I really has nothing to do with the movie. The movie did an excellent job of explaining who Mercury was and what his demons were.

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