Boulder 1108 Phono preamp


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Apr 20, 2014
Boulder have announced a replacement for the highly regarded 1008 Phono stage which will be shipping soon. Looks like it has a decent array of setup options incl: EQ curves, and it will accommodate two tonearms. Here is a link to further information.



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Aug 25, 2015
My dealer has had me on their "call if you get a demo" list for six months now, but they haven't.

The same, actually for Boulder themselves; apparently they are selling all they make and haven't had a chance to put a demo back into the queue yet.


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Dec 20, 2011
San Diego
Anyone heard this? Contemplating an upgrade from my 1008...
I thought about an upgrade when I had to replace a board on my 10 year old 1008. I learned there is very little internal change and the replacement board Boulder sent my tech was an 1108 board, which was installed and the 1008 once again functions flawlessly. The upgrade would be to the 2108. The 1108 casework looks great and would match my 1110 but I will keep my 1008 for now.

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