Break 'em in at an early age!


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Apr 28, 2015
That's what my father did to me! When I was 7 or 8 he would sit me down and we listened to his tube Marantz system, Thorens TT, and Tandberg.Tape deck with Olsen LC1A speakers (15" woofer with concentric tweeter Bell Labs Acoustics Division created monitor) usually playing Chopin and string quartets.
He would tell me what to listen for so I learned. Attending live classical concerts and having access to a Steinway grand didn't hurt.
When my younger son showed an interest in his early teens I bought him an entry level 2 channel system that would sound musical. Between listening to his system and mine he began to understand sound.
A couple years ago he bought a Marantz HT receiver. It wasn't 2 days later he asked why it's sound was inferior to the previous system he had!!!
Long story short, he used some graduation funds, and a bit more, to buy a Prima Luna pre amp and Mc stereo amp to power his Aerial 6T's. He is back to 2 channels and better sound!! All at age 23!!
He is also steaming from Tidal and eliminating compressed music from his collection. He commutes to work in NYC and just bought a pair of excellent in-ears that finally satisfies his ears.
So I say start early and if the interest is there thee young audiophile will develop if exposed to the right opportunities to learn. It's a great parent/child experience as well.
BTW, my older son showed no interest in learning about audio. But since he spent a lot of time with my system, examples of good sound permeated his brain. Repeated exposure to better quality sound set a standard for his ears to measure against without him even knowing it!
Wonderful topic!!


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Feb 24, 2015
Greater Phoenix Area
That is a fun story.

My parents really never shows an interest in just listening.

For me it was the first time I heard Black Dog by Led Zeppelin on my buddy's moms Kenwood receiver through AR speakers and I think a Kenwood TT. What on earth was that thing hanging off a string on that TT! :D

Changed my life that day and he was sick of me by the end of the summer.

Since then it has been a daily quest to absorb as much as I can. One of the reasons I love this site, no shortage of new music to learn about.

My youngest (22) has a very wide variety of music she listens too that impresses me and she does do a lot of listening, she just doesn't sit there and close her eyes and listen, she is usually doing something at the same time. Her memory of lyrics is impressive.

The other two not so much.
Sep 6, 2015
I've been into music since I can remember,and I try to teach my kids and now grandkids to the beauty of music,some take to it like my oldest grand daughter who loves jazz and some won't.

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