CTH 8550 as a Preamp


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Dec 26, 2018

I was wondering if someone has used the CHT-8550 as a pream with the NHB108 as a power amp?

Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy the Dartzeel preamp and I find it's harder to find the NHB18ns than the CHT8550 on the second hand market, so I thought maybe it's a good idea the use the integrated as a preamp. Any thoughts or experiences?




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Jul 8, 2011
San Diego, CA
I did just that, while I was waiting for my 18NS. It's pretty good, but of course, the 18NS will be significantly better.
There's a setting in the menu to disable the internal preamp, so it's quite easy.
Just make sure to get the BNC cables (Zeel) to link the 108 to the CTH (and to the 18NS).


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Sep 27, 2016
And I think a "problem" (so to speak) with a used 18NS is going to be that it won't be the most recent iteration. Or at least, it'd be much harder to find as it's so new. I do believe the phono section was updated in the newer version, as well as the addition of a front LCD panel for adjusting resistive load and/or gain (maybe both - I don't recall). With the previous version, I believe load adjustment involved a soldering iron, and I'm under the impression that changes to the phono circuitry in the newer version didn't end there.

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