FOR SALE: Antipodes Audio Reference Balanced XLR, 5 Meter length, $4750 OBO


Industry Expert
Feb 29, 2016

These are effectively new cables. Mint condition. Unshielded wire made from pure gold and silver ingots wound in organic cotton. These are the best cables I have ever owned. They best High Fidelity Ultimate Reference, Audience and anything I have auditioned. These have the advantages of silver cables without any associated harshness or fatigue. The 24k gold ground wire is the key attribute.

I converted from a DHT preamp system to OTL/OCL. The circuitry of the new Preamp introduces a transformer if a balanced connection is used. This colors the sound noticeably. So I am now having unbalanced cables built - 33 feet!

I have sold the entire loom - 1, 2, 3 meter lots. I have replaced with unbalanced cable and the sound is sublime! These cables would not have been sold off if I was implementing a balanced system.

Cables are in Mint condition! 2 years old so I am downgrading to 9/10. These cables need no introduction and currently are not in production. $2250/Meter retail. $4750!!! OBO.

I will ship internationally and do so often. Shipping costs and Import duty is the responsibility of the buyer. I recommend insuring for the true replacement value for these cables.

Note: These cables can be split by the manufacturer. Email Antipodes directly. Willing to consider a discount to help facilitate this process should multi-cables be a benefit for the buyer.


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