FYI - New "World's Best" Power Amp?


Jul 30, 2015
Washington, DC
Zesto Bia 200:

"...Enter the Zesto Audio Bia 200 Select Stereo Amplifier, the one on which to break the bank! This Zesto Audio third-generation all-tube Bia 200 Select in my highly revealing primary reference system is so neutral, artifact-free, powerful, nimble, delicate, elegant, revealing, and jet-black quiet that your speakers will disappear and present to your ears the performance as recorded. I have never heard such glorious truthful amplification from a 100-watt stereo amplifier in my entire audiophile life, now spanning 60 years. And this with only two output tubes per channel!...."

"...this is the amp that will sonically bridge tube and solid-state performance and control"...

"...In my experience, the Bia 200 Select is the most mellifluous and realistic-sounding amplifier, tube or solid-state, currently produced anywhere within its power rating..."
With what speakers are you coming to this conclusion?

I don’t know. In my experience, there is no “best” amplifier. There’s only perhaps a suitable amplifier with a particular pair of speakers. The partnership between power and transducer is very special relationship, like a marriage. And there’s a huge difference between “not bad”, “good”, “remarkable”, and “match made in heaven”.
I agree. To wit, I have three loudspeakers at home of vastly different sensitivities: a Klipsch La Scala (105 dB), a Harbeth Monitor 40.1 (84 dB), and a 30+ year old Martin Logan CLS electrostatic (< 80 dB). A 2 watt SET is ample to drive my La Scalas to room filling volume. I need about 1500 (class D) watts to get my CLS to wake up!

No such thing as the “best” amplifier, IMHO. It all depends on the speaker, the room, the choice of music, listening preferences etc. That’s why so many different amplifier manufacturers exist and thrive. It’s one of those cases where letting a thousand flowers bloom is a very good thing.
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