High-end Speakers V Headphone - you kidding me....

Mar 27, 2020
New York
Headphones are nice since it removes the room. And more pragmatically, can be used late at night w/o waking up the kids or neighbors.
It can never replace the speaker experience though.

I also think the Susvara is better than Abyss but I can see why someone would like Abyss.
Agree with you speaker experience is amazing. For most though practical wise, headphones the way to go. (Space, cost, dedicated room, room layout etc.)

With that said the amount I spent on my headphone rig can probably buy a decent tier speaker system and dedicated room but at the expense of a very very unhappy wife as my living room will be boxed up. Lol!

I was blasting my speakers today (now once in a blue moon occasion) and the bass and the feeling of speakers always still wow me.
Likes: Manesp2
I also think the Susvara is better than Abyss but I can see why someone would like Abyss.
If possible, headphones are even more subject to personal taste. Even if two audiophiles “heard” a speaker system “the same,” those same two could easily hear a headphone rig differently. So, I never interpret one person’s preference for one headphone over another as anything more than personal preference, unless they articulate specific characteristics at which one demonstrably excels.

Even so, there are aspects of the headphone that can affect one’s assessment that are not even rational. For example, I truly despise the design of the Abyss, so much so that I know it prevents me from assessing it rationally. That’s my problem. And it doesn’t cause me to devalue anyone else’s review. I wish I could like the Abyss. I truly cannot. And that’s my problem.

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