How Do You Brew Your Coffee


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Apr 21, 2010

Fantastic! I see the grinders and Cremina, but what are the other two?

Used to use a Cremina, but it's been set aside for a while in lieu of a semi-auto machine.


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Feb 22, 2012
Thanks, RUR, to the left of the Cremina is an Arrarex Caravel and to its right is a Faema Faemina. Both the Cremina and Caravel are full manual levers, the Faemina spring-loaded. The Arrarex does espresso only. As a previous Cremina owner, you know the disadvantage of this machine is temperature control, so you can't pull several shots in succession without the group getting too hot. But with a thermocouple / thermometer strip on the group and a heat sink like the OE Third Shot it's less of a problem. Which semi-auto are you using?


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Apr 21, 2010
They're gorgeous and I may try to find the Faema. A quick Google search found a brief Faemina history and a parts supplier, but no machines for sale.

Actually, the temp surfing aspect of the Olympia (and recurring leaks, with problematic parts ordering from the factory in Switzerland) drove me to a Quickmill Alexia with aftermarket PID. I've had it about four years and it makes excellent espresso with no temp worries. Still, the old machines are works of art which definitely appeal to me. Once upon a time, I used to lust after a nickel/chromium plated Art Deco beauty in a small Heidelberg cafe whenever I'd visit, but the owner wouldn't part with it for love or money. :-(



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Feb 22, 2012
Hi Ken,

The best place to find a Faemina is still but, fair warning, condition is usually are much worse than used Creminas. And if the group requires some type of rebuild, the degree of difficulty with the Faemina is much higher. Not to mention Faeminas are almost impossible to find in 110V and the fact you'll still have to deal with the same temp surfing issues as the Cremina since the group is also attached to the boiler! In comparison, Orphan Espresso sells the entire Cremina part catalog nowadays so it's relatively easy to do a full rebuild.

Then again, coming from an excellent machine like the Alexia, if you'd like to get back to levers, then the "it" machine of the moment is the Bezzera Strega:

where its innovation is in combining a pump and a lever so you can run it like a regular HX all the way or use the pump during preinfusion (pulling the lever down) and let the spring do the pull (release). As for that "Art Deco beauty", if you still remember the brand and how it looked, then it definitely can be sourced.



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Dec 25, 2011
The tube lair in beautiful Rock Hill, SC
Currently using the Technivorm MoccaMaster:

With the Breville burr grinder, not a bad solution for the price.

Hi. Lee. I am not what you would call a coffee snob....I just know that I like a good cup of Joe. My Hamilton Beach coffeemaker bit the dust on Sunday and I simply got tired of the revolving door of coffeemakers coming and going over the years. So I did some research and one of the most commented on coffee makers that last was this brand.

I was hesitant to get it because of the cost but if I kept up the revolving door of coffee makers, I'd end up spending that amount of money anyways, so I pulled the trigger. I am currently enjoying the best cup of coffee I think I've ever had and now I "get it". I just wish I had paid attention to these threads earlier on. Wow, is this a good cup of coffee!

What's funny is that I usually use 1/2 the amount of coffee than what the "golden ratio" they suggest is and I really thought that I would hate it, that it would be way too strong. Yeah, I was wrong. This tastes GREAT and I wish I had known about this MoccaMaster and pulled the trigger years ago.

I ended up getting the 10 cup KGB without the insulated carafe because I'm the only one in the household that drinks coffee. As soon as it's brewed, it goes right into my insulated coffee mug that will keep it hot/warm for hours.

Now I know why some of you gentlemen are so serious about your coffee! This tastes really, really good.



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Oct 1, 2020
Capresso coffee maker, nothing fancy and about 15 years old, with a built in burr grinder.
Like Steve Williams, I like it bold and shouty. I usually go for Peet’s Sumatra or similar bold roast.
I also Like the French press best, but coffee maker is too convenient for two.
Black coffee, with a lotus biscoff is my a.m. tradition..
Happy Thanksgiving to all !


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Nov 8, 2013
Mr Coffee. Works great, tastes fine, doesn’t cost much. Makes my day, everyday.


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Mar 4, 2014
the Upper Midwest
I use a Technivorm Moccamaster with an older style Baratza Virtuoso grinder. I love coffee and will go make some now! Maybe a nice Tanzania Peaberry. :)



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Apr 20, 2010
Albuquerque, NM
Our recent remodel of our kitchen allowed us to add the Miele 6800 built-in coffee machine. The results are incredible, and it has multiple programs and presets so each user can customize the strength and portion of their selection which is then saved in memory. Does coffee, espresso, latte, latte machiato, etc. with great results!

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