In Search of the Perfect Cup of Coffee in 28 Iterations


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Mar 25, 2015
Bay Area, California
For those coffee lunatics into controlling EVERY variable on an Espresso machine there's always:

Pressure/flow profile & temp control. With a SOTA grinder its hard to beat.

"Advanced Mode on the [Decent] DE1+ is perhaps the deepest rabbit hole into which any barista can climb. I generally recommend baristas master the machine in the more familiar Pressure Mode first, and then get comfortable with Flow Mode before using Advanced Mode. Once I dove into Advanced Mode, no other mode or espresso machine could ever satisfy. The possibilities are endless.
Advanced Mode on the DE1+ allows the barista to customize a recipe in any way he or she desires. Would you like to preinfuse with a set flow rate, switch to controlling the shot based on pressure, and then switch back to flow mode? No problem. If you want to then use a different brewing temperature for each stage, that’s easy. You can set “triggers” that tell the machine to move from one phase to the next based on pressure, water volume, or time. Advanced Mode is incredibly versatile, and it’s much easier to use than I had expected when John first told me about it. Recipes can be as simple or as complex as you would like."

Interesting though I wonder why they don’t use BT instead of a wired USB connection to the tablet. They could then just provide an Android or iOS app and folks could use their own tablets?


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Sep 21, 2017
Hey guys
I could use the experts advice: I want to replace my Jura Z7 and Jura has an excellent trade up offer to a Z8: anyone using the Z8?
I don't think the Giga series is for us :)

Steve Williams

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Hey guys
I could use the experts advice: I want to replace my Jura Z7 and Jura has an excellent trade up offer to a Z8: anyone using the Z8?
I don't think the Giga series is for us :)

The Jura Z series is terrific Mark. Had I not gone with the Giga 6 to replace my Z5 I would have gotten a Z8
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Dec 26, 2010
We have now had a few dozen kilos of coffee run thru our new little Jura, and I have to say it has been excellent so far. We drink a lot of coffee for 2 coffee drinkers (1kg/week of whole beans or more), but we are not coffee buffs. It has been very easy, good quality and reliable so far. Our first step away from Nespresso (which was step away from instant coffee many years ago)...and it has been a good step.

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