How do you know if speaker can correctly pressurize your listening area\room?


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Aug 25, 2010
How can you know that speakers can correctly pressurize his listening area\room – is there a role of thumb for room vs. speaker cabinet size\drivers number\drivers size\driver technology?

There really is no easy answer. Size is not what matters it's frequency extension, spl capability, room interaction/room modes and room size. As an example I have a full range system in one room where I can get good placement for imaging and even bass response. In my living room can't do that and have a subwoofer added into the mix to extend and smooth things out even though it's an open floor set-up so larger space.

The speakers have to have the LF extension and SPL capability to begin with so I would use that as a reference. Placement is going to be determined obviously by the layout of the system furniture and so on.

You could have the most capable subwoofer on the planet and room placement can turn it into a one note wonder.

Rob :)
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Mike Lavigne

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Apr 25, 2010
domestic speakers need to 'hook up' to be able to command the room. it's not exactly a pressurization issue, more whether the room is somewhat defined relative to the speaker/amp capability so the music has traction. it's a driver surface/amp headroom/room dimension ratio, not a purely low octave thing. it's where ease and authority come in. ambience and scale also are end results to this.

in my particular large room i can close it off, not literally, since there are HVAC inputs and the cold air returns, and my door is not 100% sealed, but effectively it is closed off. no doubt the sound is subtly better, more balanced and disappears better, with the door closed.

so yes, a component of musical immersion is this issue.

at shows we see systems get 'lost' in huge rooms, or maybe 'some' homes with open floor plans struggle to relate the full picture of the recording. some open floor plan rooms do work very well, so hard to predict exactly. but optimally being able to close off the room is preferred.
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Dec 12, 2013
Im sure its my setup being part doing this , but also most speakers are not setup to make sounds normal. Bass humps or rolled off highs is common .
In using my old 3.6 maggs ive been forced to take measurements. I dont hear as measurements show always. Now im doing this on my ipad so its a given to be not perfect
But i do notice if highs are flat compared to the rest it tends to be brite .
My room is small i think for them
In nyc my irs v are in a larger room
9 feet high
20 feet wide and 55 deep .
For me to get the bass level i had to push them out from front wall some 18 feet or so
I sit from 9 to 25 feet back .
But at 9 feet the room is effecting things above 75 db at times
At 25 feet not so i can hear .


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Jul 30, 2019
A week ago I had the pleasure of Magico’s CTO, Mr. Yair Tammam visiting me (luckily we live close to each other).

We had a wonderful conversation about my setup and my room. Afterward, we listened to some different kinds of music.
In the end, Yair suggested I shift my setup positioning to 90 degrees from the current place - in that way I will not have a wall behind me and the speakers will have the freedom of the wall cabinet that stands between them – to put it in his word, “your room is fighting your system”.

On Saturday I got help from a close friend, moving the setup and furniture according to Yair suggestion – the result is beyond understanding.

I got everything I can expect from a setup at this level, a wall of sound, a big and deep stage, every last detail, blooming mids, and very autorotative lows, all in a coherence package – you don’t hear drivers, you hear sound.

Yesterday evening I had again the pleasure of Yair visiting me, he was thrilled by the sound and music playing now in the room, telling me this is one of the biggest changes he ever listened to in the same room with the same setup.

My Thanks and appreciation to Yair's time, advice, and ears, as the change I got thanks to him is beyond understanding, more than any component in any price could bring to the table.

As a result of the change, I just can’t stop listening to music all day.

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Aug 21, 2019
today i shifted my system 90 degrees from where it used to stand, now i do not have a wall behind my head and there is more space for the speakers, the sound had dramatically changed for good.

on my space, Magico S3mk2's are good but, S5mk2's would be better considering the space size.
Do you have any acoustic panels on the wall behind your head? It'll be a game changer if you don't!

Down south I have a room I use for my office and audio
the room is 9 feet high
15/15 feet
a window and a door
the speakers are maggys 3.6r
I plan ona bigger room soon
when I set them up I had no bass too much highs
I added resistors to the tweeters once I got the rest ok
the bass was still too low
one bud said get a sub lol
I laughed thinking the speakers are too big for the room
I then opened the door snd window too
adjusting them both to balance them out
it worked great
a audio bud who really knows told me the door and the window trial
I’m far from getting them great but man they are really nice so far
I think Rex is thinking correctly in that there is an objective to move to.
vinyl has a low freq room pressure effect while digital don’t
tape don’t have this either
I’m sure some of this is table arm and cart setup too.
This is a subsonic (and a little above 20Hz, too) content that is a byproduct of the stylus following the groove. It's special for vinyl, as you have mentioned. No other source has that.


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Jul 30, 2019
Do you have any acoustic panels on the wall behind your head? It'll be a game changer if you don't!
I don't need any, by changing my system and setting placement by 90, I do not have a wall behind my sitting place anymore.

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