How many units does Audio Research produce per year


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Jun 29, 2019
Porto, Portugal
I am curious to know how many units of each model does Audio Research Produce. For instance, anyone has na idea how many RFE 5 SE or REF150 were produced? I believe this number must be diffrent from unit to unit, but would like to get a general idea. For instance, when they decuide to launch a new product, like the Ref 6, what is their aim of selling units or aim of production. Does anyone have na idea?


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May 27, 2016
Very few audio companies publish their production volume. It is, kind of, commercial secret. Unless the firm is listed in stock market, private company doesn't need to report to the public their sales figure.

Having said that, Audio Research has a relatively large factory. There are factory tour videos that you can find on Youtube. Their production numbers are much larger than many other brands.

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