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Oct 3, 2012
Stillpoints Ultra 5 and Origin of the Bevel

The bevel was designed into the Ultra 5 to help facilitate moving large, heavy components across carpeted surfaces especially after the component has settled into the carpet/pad. The same is true of the bevel of the Hard Hat of the Ultra SS. AFAIK, the bevel does not have an effect on controlling vibration. One of our mantras is to place the technology pockets as close to the component being isolated as is possible. Given the tech pockets of the Ultra 5 reside in the beveled half, it is not unreasonable to experience better performance in the configuration you describe. But true to form when you think you can apply a universal axiom, along comes a situation that flies in its face. So... it's always best to experiment to learn what works best.

This is another reason for wanting to have a tap on that half of the U5. Now a user can attach a U5 with the bevel up. We haven't started making adapters for that purpose, as the origin of that second tap is for using a spike on carpeted surfaces, but I can imagine demand will drive us to making 1/2-20 to "whatever size" adapters as we do now for 1/4-20 to "whatever size" adapters. Having that option will provide the maximum of installation options for the Ultra 5 product.

A lot of useful information! Thanks a lot! :)


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Apr 10, 2013
Burnsville, MN
A lot of useful information! Thanks a lot! :)

Glad the detail was helpful. Stillpoints has since manufactured a number of adapters that fit the tap of the beveled half of the Ultra 5. You can check the website or contact them for available sizes.


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