Is this a good place to talk about Vimbergs ?


Nov 7, 2019
So got the Tidal Intra yesterday after a week of waiting for it to get through Customs Clearance from England, live in N Ireland. Tried it with my AMG Viella V12 And Benz LPS cartridge going through the Preos Phono Stage. With my much cheaper PMC speakers it struggled with the singing at times sounding very strained. But instruments sounded great with each final note disappearing into blackness rather than just kinda mixing into other instruments. New Orders Blue Monday from the Singles Boxset just had so much energy and drive to it that you can certainly notice the difference to my old Vitus RS 101 Power Amp. When the Amea’s turn up I’m sure they will take the music to another level that the PMC’s just can’t reach considering the Amea’s are 5 times the price. I do think the Tidal Preos and Intra combination work much better in combination rather than a pre and power from 2 different companies. Also have a Taiko Audio SGM Evo to add to the mix in a few months which should take my digital music to the same if not higher level than my analogue.

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