KL Audio Record Cleaning Machine vs Audio Desk Systeme


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May 14, 2010
Unfortunately, this kind of experience is only too familiar in our hobby. IMO, the reason is due to the basics of the hobby itself. We, as a'philes, do NOT constitute a very big consumer group...relatively speaking. As such, the norm for many manufacturers in our hobby is the guy who is working out of his garage as a hobby...second to his retirement or real day job. Because of this situation, many times IF a product has failure issues, the guy/manufacturer cannot support it and continue to make a profit! So, what does he do...puts his head in the sand and hopes the problem will go away.
One of the reasons that I like to know a little history of the company ( any company) before I spend my hard earned dollar on a brand new latest and greatest! BTW, I think S'phile has a policy that before they review a product...it has to have a certain minimum number of dealers...a good thing, again IMHO. This could lead to minimizing the problem with the garage bay start-up.
Remember the old saying...."be careful out there".:)
Pity . Work so hard on a brand & screwed it up with such atrocious service . I think most manufacturers are 1 man show with a few staff but that doesn't mean they cant response to email or service their customers. It's an attitude issue

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