Loudspeaker cables for Devialet (and Magico)


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Feb 1, 2019
Devialets have vanishingly low distortion and are paragons on neutrality and speed The Magico S1 speakers are similarly endowed, with tremendous treble extension and neutrality. Together the pair can really sparkle and shimmer in the treble, without sounding at all unnatural. Things like cymbals can sound spookily realistic while horns have that brash initial bite with beautiful timbre-rich warm decay. The S1 is a two way speaker so can be expected to sound a little less powerful and extended in the bass... Ha ha....switch on Devialet’s SAM at 100% and you‘ll be amazed at how wonderfully full, extended, deep and natural the bass sounds, without endangering the drivers, which are continuously monitored for over-excursion. The only time you’ll ever think about subwoofers is when the recording itself lacks bass, but as soon as you pay a decent recording all thoughts of bass augmentation evaporate.
So, what cables do you need to bring this all alive? I have had great success with Synergistic Research‘s Atmosphere line. I find their price performance really excellent. They add but more important subtract nothing, so the system‘s major attributes of speed, neutrality, purity and musicality really shine through. And the system produces what I hear as pure, beautifully expressive music with no anomalies. I started out with the speaker cables and ‘built-for-Devialet’ power cables but in the meantime I’ve moved to a complete SR loom, with all my network and power supplies connected via SR cables. In over 15 months of listening I’ve not been able to detect a ‘house sound’ outside of the attributes I listed above....Every single recording has a different soundscape and tonal balance, depending what’s on the recording. Some are room filling, totally immersive and 3 dimensional, others left, right, centre and not more that a meter high, some have a lot of height information, others extreme left and right positions way beyond the room boundaries. Very often the interplay between instruments and soundstage is totally intoxicating and almost mind altering....the room and the air in it disappears, to be replaced by whatever beautifully textured complex acoustic is on the recording.
Of course all this does require another element. A great source! I use the Innuos Statement on a highly optimised network.


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May 8, 2020
I use Vertere Pulse-X miniS with my Devialet D200 and KEF Reference 1 speakers and am very satisfied. Great bang for the buck, I find.

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