Mephisto bottom end


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Mar 28, 2017
Hello all,

I just received the massive Gryphon Mephisto. Before it's arrived I knew I wanted to place it on the Artesania Aire amp stand. There had been some comments about bolt heads and what not on the bottom. I was concerned about where the Artesania footers would go so I went looking for pictures of the bottom of the amplifier which I could not find anywhere on the internet. So I thought I would post some revealing pictures of the Mephisto's Bottom. :)

The Mephiso feet appear to be made from Delrin. They are threaded onto the bottom using an M6 bolt. The bolt is captive inside the amplifier and does not come out once you remove the feet. I purchased a nylon washer and a M6 nut so that the bolt does not "rattle".

The amplifier fits onto the Artesania stand nicely. The Stand is rated for about 450lbs so it easily supports the mass of the Mephisto. I would suggest 4 people to lift the amplifer from the ground onto the stand. The weight distribution of the ampifer is definitely not an even 50/50 front to back. I would guess that the front of the amp has at least 2/3 of the mass (transformers). Bear this in mind when lifting it as well as when you position it onto a stand or footers.

I hope you enjoyed the pun in the title :)



Scott W

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Apr 20, 2010
A few more pics from Todd's Gryphon dealer(me).




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May 19, 2014
Round Rock, TX
Congrats, what a beast of an amp!

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