More Additions To My Ultraanalogue tapes

Jun 24, 2013
Locust Hill, Ontario
I just got to listen to the Tatsuki Narita and Yung Yang Lee and it is hard just getting past the first song. This is the Violinist, Violin, song and the absolute perfect sound quality you, as an audiophile wait for. If it gets better I have not heard it in my 50 years of being an audiophile. This recording is that good. I took some recording of Heifetz and after listening, Narita is clearly better along with a better sounding Violin. Ed wrote me a not that the Bow that was done in France had a big part of the sound. If Ed Pong is on line could you tell the full story of the bow and his very special violin. Heifetz has always been my favorite but no longer. Narita has so much emotion. I equate him with Cameron Carpenter the organist. He is the top guy and so smart it is a pleasure to watch. These recordings are just masterpieces in all ways. I have to get past the first cut and will probably add more comments. Steve was very correct when he said how good the sound is.[/QUOTE
Thanks Earl & Steve!
Interestingly, I’m right now in Paris to see legendary bow maker Alain Herou to work on a Tourte bow for Alena Baeva...
The bow on Tatsuki’s Danse Macabre recording is a Kittel, who is regarded as the Russian Tourte... considered the master of all masters...
Alain Herou was at my place to rehair the Kittel for me & we recorded those 5 tracks (all 1st takes, 1 after the other) to commemorate our 4’years together! I really felt it was a revelation listening on my Stax headphones as the Studer was running... the fiddle was a 1739 Guarneri Del Gesu... the match between artist, violin & bow was magical that day & I am so happy I was able to capture it for us all...


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