Oh my, oh my - Aries Cerat Helene DAC

I can't stay silent - today we received Helene DAC, "baby" DAC from Aries Cerat. What a baby, what a beauty. From the very fist second the sound was sublime, digital rarely gets better than this - in form of Kassandra DAC only probably. I am not saying this lightly, just compare Helene to all the big guns, you would be surprised. Rich, transparent sound, real body of instruments, timbre to die for, as analog as possible, but most importantly, natural music flow, touching your heart and soul. Be warned, after listening you might need to sell some very expensive equipment. But there is solution - you buy Kassandra LE, thus may be less painful.
Is someone here who had the chance to compare the Helene Dac versus the APL DSD Dac-Range maybe the SR MK2? I own the APL AR Dac which is stunning for it´s price in detail, Dynamic and soundstage. But it lacks a bit in timbre mostly with human voices to my feeling. Upgrading the Dac to the SR2 will cost me 70% of a Helene Dac. So I am Not sure what to Go for. Kind Regars
Sorry for this so late answer . I have a friend who recently purchased a Kassandra II dac and he also owns the top APL dac however not the mkII.
I had the opportunity to listen extensively to both of them while the APL is an excellent dac , for me there is no doubt I much preferred the Kassandra as it offers a so much organic and musical sound with infinite shade of colors .
I go often to concert and it is so much life like with the Kassandra .
The Kassandra is for me the most musical satisfying dac I ever listened to . Since the Kassandra is out of budget for me I am also considering the Helena .

Jean-Michel from France
Hello John

I firmly believe that you will really like what Helene will do to your system.Die hard analog fans are now "digitally" converted with Helene as it happens with all our d/acs.

Oh how I wish Stavros, my numbers don't allow me to try it yet. A pending move back to Australia and hifh reconstruction are in the wings... so I must be patient and continue to push myself to success again!
I think Ares Cerat gear is in a different category sonically compared to most of the competition, although I have heard the Dave/Blue I have not heard the combination with the MScaler, I think the Ares Cerat Helene has a closer 'flavor' to the best from Lampizator and Aqua Hifi...
All the other DACs I've heard sound significantly different than the Helene; the Rockna, the Metrum, the Yggdrasil, the Terminator for example.
And I wonder about the TotalDAC series comparisons...

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