Oppo 95: Low Output via Stereo RCAs


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Jan 14, 2017
I just purchased the Oppo 95 in apparently excellent condition.

Firmware: BDP9x-82-1009

I set Audio Settings to HDMI off, 192KHz on, Stereo Signal downmixed, Dynamic Range Control on, Output variable on.

But the output of my ancient but trusty JVC XV-NA70BK DVD player is much louder than the Oppo-even with the 95’s variable output set to maximum.

The Oppo’s analog RCA outs are 2.1V; the JVC’s are 2.0V into 10K ohms. My amplifier’s input impedance is 10K ohms but I have to crank its volume up high when using the Oppo. The JVC’s stereo outputs are much higher to ever need to do that.

Neither "output impedance" nor "output resistance" appears in the JVC owners manual nor the service manual.

However, notice that in the service manual’s table of contents that the schematic diagram which should have been between p. 2 and 8 are omitted. Analyzing and comparing the JVC and Oppo analog output circuitry could have explained why the JVC output was so much louder.

Oppo service support thanked me for the info but could offer no explanation.

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This probably has nothing to do with the problem but the first two discs only have Dolby Digital audio while the other only has DTS-HD MA. But while the former audio format is lossy and the latter lossless and sounded more dynamic, it certainly shouldn’t and didn’t effect output level.

Please advise.


Feb 8, 2011
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Set the Dynamic Range Control to = Off

Dynamic Range Control: To set the Dynamic Range Compression (DRC). DRC can smooth out
the sonic peaks and valleys common with wide-range digital audio. Enabling DRC may make low
level audio more audible during low-level listening. Turning off DRC restores the sonic energy
present in the original recording. The available options are:
Auto – Play at the dynamic range specified by the disc. This option applies to Blu-ray
Discs only. For other disc types no dynamic range compression is applied.
On – Turn on dynamic range compression.
▪ Off – Turn off dynamic range compression.

The Dynamic Range Compression is applied on the analog audio output, it also works on the
digital audio output (HDMI, Coaxial and Optical) when the audio format is set to PCM.

And make sure that the Output Volume (Variable) is set to the max. 100

Output Volume: To set to enable or disable the analog volume controls (also known as Variable
Audio). The available options are:
Variable – Enable the analog volume control. Use the VOL-/+ buttons on the remote to
decrease/increase the analog audio output level (the maximum is 100).

Fixed – Disable the analog volume control. The VOL-/+ buttons on the remote will no
longer affect the analog audio output, and the volume level is fixed to 100.
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