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May 10, 2010
Houston area
I’m in the middle of inserting an isolated network, MSB Reference Dac, and MSB Director into my chain and am looking for Roon Core server recommendations.

Later, after Taiko introduces their MSB interface, I will likely add a Taiko to my chain. In between now and then I’ll need an “interim” Roon Core server.

Anyone have a perspective on a Nucleus+ vs. a SonicTransporter (i7 or i9)? Versus an Antipodes K50? Other recommendations?
I’d recommend the Pachanko masterpiece, a three boxes server gives everything you desire.IMG_2262.jpeg
Looking for something considerably more cost effective
Try their lowest level which will be better than a Roon nucleus.
If you are looking at cost effective, surprisingly good and mature sounding, and super flexible too, here is my choice:
- Antipodes Audio EX
- Antipodes Audio S30 plus S60
- Antipodes Audio K30
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If you are looking at cost effective and super flexible too, here is my opinion:
- Antipodes Audio EX
- Antipodes Audio S30 plus S60
- Antipodes Audio K30
Appreciate the perspectives …. I ended up getting a (gently) used K50. Now my only decision (for now anyway) is whether to get it upgraded to the latest spec.

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