Remarkable MBL Speaker Review by Breuninger. Is the speaker as good as the review?


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Feb 26, 2014
I found Spectral DMA 360 to be much better than the 9011 on 101s on all aspects - soundstage, tone, speed, dynamics, slam, separation.


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May 24, 2010
I heard the big MBL's in Singapore dealer.

One of the best sounds I have ever heard - and that was with CD. But they don't play very well with other amps thou.


Jan 6, 2013
I found Spectral DMA 360 to be much better than the 9011 on 101s on all aspects - soundstage, tone, speed, dynamics, slam, separation.
I have no experience of spectral amp. I don't miss my 9011. I also have mola mola driving them with excellent results.They are all much cheaper than 9011. 9011 is over priced.
May 30, 2010
(...) Respectfully, I think it is inaccurate to generalize. There is quite a large difference of opinion as to whether the back wave of an electrostatic speaker should be absorbed, diffused or allowed to reflect. The correct answer for a particular situation often is driven by how far from the front wall the electrostatic speakers can be located to optimize the time delay of the rear wave.

I do not care for brightness, and I have never felt that I had a brightness problem by allowing the back wave of my dipole speakers to reflect.
Surely, every system and room asks for a different solution. As I have owned Prodigy's, the old Transparent REF XL and MB750's I would risk that you are taming any tendency to brightness with the amplifier and cables. The high output impedance of the MB750 and the TA cable characteristics complement fairly well the Prodigy's tonal balance.

When I used the Prodigy's with the Electrocompaniet AW250 - a fantastic matching - I had to put some absorption / diffusion in the back zone.
Aug 5, 2013
Stockholm Sweden
Last saturday me and My friend Cucumber visited another friend in Stockholm. This is a very nice Sounding and -looking MBL system with diffusers from SMT Nicely integrated in the room. In front of the TV he puts a little bench, above the MBL drive and pre-amp so he can put the small diffusers in front of Tv when he listens to music. Really cleaver solution. There are some diffusers (transparent V-wings) beside the speakers too. The sound from this system with acoustic treatments is really relaxed, the voices are in place and a deep and wide soundstage. It was a really nice visit with really nice music,food and Wine. Best regards Krelle
Aug 5, 2013
Stockholm Sweden
We also tried these nice feets from Japan. We put them under the MBL-drive and they work very well. Blacker backround, the soundstage got bigger. We also put some Finite-elemente cerapuc under the MBL 9007, and it got even better. Krelle


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May 31, 2010
Obviously tastes differ, yet for those who do enjoy the MBL sound, SMT treatments are an amazing add-on! With SMT one gets: more focused images, more 3D effects of musicians and instruments on a stage projecting music toward the listener, and carving out of the acoustic space of the original recording in one's own room.

Interestingly, the glowing reviews from the "Great" Peter Breuninger, religious DSD pusher David Clark Robinson, Sterile Jon Valin, and Fearless Fremer did not have SMT panels in the room, so SMT takes an already great speaker and adds a whole lot more realism!

MBL SMT Axpona.jpg

The more of these the better!!!!

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