SET amp owners thread

Just requesting all SET amp owners to mention their amps and speakers.
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It's always best to have a safety earth ground, especially on tube amps where there is high voltage present. If the ground-loop causes noise, this isolator usually solves the problem:

I use them for my SET monoblocks that have 1000V on the output tubes. They also convert balanced to single-ended for me. No degradation in SQ, in fact they improve things quite a bit. Thanks to these, I don't have any ground-loops in my system.

Steve N.
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Allnic A6000 Quad Parallel SET 300bxls 60wpc Monoblocks

Tekton Design Encores 96db/4ohm
nice setup.. but so pity for those 300B beauties to be covered with glass T-shirts..
I can hear them begging to be uncovered and released!!

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