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Aug 27, 2020
Hi @spiritmusic and all,

I am currently using Stillpoints (different models) in my system under speaker and components. I can clearly hear what do well, the resolution is much higher, better blacks between instruments and clear highs. However, I can also hear what they take away or not focus on, which is the mid-bass and lower mid-range. Now I would like to try the Symposium equipment. I am just wondering why it is suggested that Rollerblocks Juniors HDSE perform better than the series 2+? Is it because of their design? It seems that the 2+ is even higher up the range.
Secondly, how do they differ and compare against the Arya Revopods? Which I also have in my system now, but thinking of placing them under speakers instead. The Rollerblocks will then slip under the components, which rest on SRA platforms. Would they increase the performance of the SRA’s as well? So many questions.

Don't be afraid of calling Peter from Symposium at 973 616 4787 and asking the inventor/producer directly. He is a good resource. Ultimately he would probably say go with the 2+ but he can guide you on where to best allocate his best solutions and where you would utilize his less high end solutions.
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Apr 11, 2020
Just put three Rollerblock JR HDSE's under my LM805ia amp and was really impressed with the results. Improved detail, focus, tightness and precision of bass, plus a more focused yet airy soundstage. Well worth the modest cost. I'm using them in conjunction with a Symposium Ultra Platform. Before using the HDSE's I sometimes would increase the negative feedback a hair (NFB is adjustable on this amp) when I turned the volume up to higher levels. With the HDSE's in play I can use it on lowest NFB setting with no distortion even at the peak of my listening volume. I liken this to adding good acoustic treatments to your room for the first time. Full endorsement here.


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Jun 13, 2013
E. England
Deadwax, your results reflect mine. They do the job, are naturally revealing, balanced and self effacing, zero euphonic. Imho, remain the footers to beat, especially at their price band.
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