T.H.E. Show 2021 WILL Go On!

If T.H.E. Show is On Will You Attend?

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Ron Resnick

Site Co-Owner, Administrator
Jan 25, 2015
Beverly Hills, CA

I received this email this morning:

T.H.E Show WILL Go On!

T.H.E. Show announces dates for June 11-13, 2021 at the Hilton, Long Beach, CA

January 29, 2021, Los Angeles, CA - T.H.E. Show (The Home Entertainment Show) is delighted to announce its dates for 2021, currently slated to be June 11-13, 2021 at the Hilton, Long Beach, CA. With LA County currently being a hot spot for the pandemic, safety and health remain the paramount concern for T.H.E. Show, and as such, contingency plans are already in place. Of the current landscape, Director of Marketing for T.H.E. Show, Emiko E. Carlin says, “Our number one concern is safety and the good health of our community. 2020 was a rough year for everyone but the one thing that remained clear was that music was THE go-to outlet for folks as they stayed home to stay safe. We know from speaking to our colleagues in the industry that HiFi sales are up, vinyl and music sales are up and there is a strong desire to continue connecting with everyone in the community. Therefore, after great consideration, we’ve decided to announce our dates with fingers cross - and with a very clear contingency plan in place already.” Carlin goes on to say that, “additionally, we have a number of exclusive experience initiatives in place that we are currently working on with our dealer/distributor/exhibitor networks and we are looking forward to unveiling that shortly.”

President of T.H.E. Show, Maurice R.H. Jung went on to say, “It can easily be said that this has been the most trying times for anyone in this industry whether it be directly or indirectly. The tragic 9/11 attacks and the economic meltdown in 2008 -2010 tested everyone's resilience like never before. This, however, has been a totally different animal but we will survive this and all move forward together like we always do. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and we have contingency plans in place for T.H.E SHOW 2021, some of which include online initiatives through social media (in very new ways) for our community at large. We have always strived to be innovative as well as ahead of the curve and we have every intention of rolling these ideas out in the near future. The one hint I can give you is that listening to the variety of systems in person in these particular settings will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before… Our team is ready and looking forward to connecting with you all again this year in a multitude of new and exciting ways."

While the current climate is one of shared uncertainty, not only by the industry but by the whole world, one thing is for certain: music is here to stay and T.H.E. Show WILL go on.


T.H.E. Show Team


Ron Resnick

Site Co-Owner, Administrator
Jan 25, 2015
Beverly Hills, CA
Assuming that T.H.E. Show 2021 in Long Beach, California, is a go, will you be attending?

By then everyone over fifty -- if not everyone of every age -- will be vaccinated against the virus.

I will 100% for sure be attending. What about you?
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Joe Whip

Well-Known Member
Feb 8, 2014
Wayne, PA
I would love to go. My son lives in the LA area and we haven’t seen him since he moved in late 2019. We will be fully vaccinated by mid April. Still too soon for me to get on a plane. Have to see what cases are like by then. I have a tour of the Schiit facilities waiting for me when we do go out though, whenever that is.


Well-Known Member
Oct 12, 2011
My no vote wasn't because I won't go it's because I can't. Not a good time to leave work for me. My one public show this year will hopefully be Munich whenever it happens.


Well-Known Member
Dec 20, 2011
San Diego
I will likely go but there has to be more than just this announcement. Where is the website with a list of exhibitors? It is only three months out.

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