Tannoy owners

Anyone Bi-Amping Tannoy Westminster GR’s?

I’m curious as to what improvements one gets if they bi-amp Westminster GR’s.

Any comments from those with actual experience appreciated.
I am just reading this thread with a lot of interest, as I have a pair of HPD 385 and ST-200 coming,
hopefully before Christmas I can enjoy a first listening :)
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Another Tannoy owner here (20 years)
Tannoy Westminster Royal HE
2X Custom 18" sealed subs with DSP on Subs only
Acccuphase E-450 amp
Accuphase C-47 Phono Stage
Accuphase T-1000 Tuner
Esoteric DV-50 SACD/CD player
VPI HR-X turntable and Dynavector XV-1S cartridge
Technics SP-10 MkII turntable with Micro Seki MA505S arm and Amber Tribute cartridge
Qoboz & Tidal via Stax DAC and Topping D-90 DAC
Have owned many amp combos over the years including Nagra VPA, Cary 805, KR Audio Kronzilla, Vacuum State, Ear 890, McIntosh tube and solid state, Manley steelhead, Supratek etc..
For me music is a very important part of my life and like a form of therapy. The pleasure i get from the music which can make you smile, cry and send shivers up your spine.
This system achieves this for me.

Can't seem to attach photo at this stage. :-
Another very happy user of Accuphase with modern Tannoys, in my case a C-2150/A-48 combo with Canterbury SE Prestige speakers. I've tried literally dozens of amps over the last decade before finding the Accuphase amps, which is mildly annoying as they were recommended to me years ago by a Tannoy dealer, but at the time I only had eyes/ears for valve amps.
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I was so taken by the Autograph Minis in my bedroom system (NAIM UNITI ATOM) that I was spending more time with them than my Rockport Atria ii’s/D’Agostino Progression main set up. I finally flew from Chicago to Upscale Audio in LA to audition Kensington GRs and Pathos InPol Heritage Integrated . (I’d heard GRFs locally but for some reason was not entirely taken with them.) Enjoying the Kensington/Pathos combo very much. Have been through Harbeth, Focal and Rockports. But my journey is ended now.


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I had both the Kensingtons and the Harbeth M40.2 anniversary for several months. Both are great speakers but I kept the Harbeth.
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I'm using Kensington GR's for my TV/video system as well. The 10" D.C. driver portrays the human voice VERY accurately.
As well as sounding excellent for music playback. Making them a good choice for A/V use.
Dual Concentric point source drivers are excellent in the time domain making transients sound real. Because of this they are very low fatigue and easy to listen to for extended periods.
They work really well with a pair of SVS SB-3000 subs in my room.
Playing around:

Tannoy Amesbury housing with HPD 385 15" chassis , refurbished with original parts plus Tannoy ST 200 on topIMG_1488.jpg

Amps are Phasemation MA-2000. Doing it very good in my 60sqm room.

Phasemation is developing their amps with complex loads, like B&W 801, so no problems to control the 12" HPD chassis.
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Playing around:

Tannoy Cheviot housing with HPD 385 12" chassis , refurbished with original parts plus Tannoy ST 200 on topView attachment 108119

Amps are Phasemation MA-2000. Doing it very good in my 60sqm room.

Phasemation is developing their amps with complex loads, like B&W 801, so no problems to control the 12" HPD chassis.

What does the supertweeter do for you?
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increased air and stage.
My Tannoy are side by side to my Avalon Osiris.

Their tonal balance gets very similar, when the Tannoy plays with ST-200 in a proper set up,
gives me the sign, that the ST-200 is vital for a correct balance.
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not too much traffic here :)
next step up, now listening to old

Tannoy Canterbury 15


Tannoy ST-200 supertweeter.

great sound , love it!

The Amps are Accustic Arts Mono V
(like 2x900w/8ohm into 96db efficiency)
@shakti How do you feel the super tweeters enhance the sound. Considering them
For my Kensingtons.
I get a better and more realistic height for voices and instruments

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