What a difference a plinth makes!


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Feb 25, 2023
A while ago, when I began to explore analog again after a long absence, I bought the lowest-risk option I could come up with: a Rega P1. I then, of course, began the highly-inefficient and impractical process of upgrading it a bit at a time: Michael Lim braces, Groovetracer subplatter and bearing, Little Belter drive belt, Rega glass platter, RB330 tonearm, SRM Silent Base/remote motor mount, Clearaudio cart.
Eventually, about the only things that separated my P1 from a P6 were the plinth (the P1 is chipboard and the P6 is hi-tech Tancast foam) and the Neo power supply/motor control.
Well, a week ago or so I actually got a P6 and I'm now able to compare my pseudo 6 with the real thing.
The bottom line? There is no comparison.
The real P6 - with the same cartridge - delivers a significantly more dimensional soundstage, with much more clearly-placed instruments and vocalists. Leading and trailing edges of keystrokes, strings, and percussion are much more defined and tonalities sound much more like the real thing.
Frankly, I'm shocked. I've had no desire to listen to anything digital for the past week and I just dropped $150 plus shipping on the UHQR Coltrane. This is gonna end up being more expensive than I expected!
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