What is the best hammer drill?


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Mar 7, 2018
As far as a cordless hammer drill, I search on Google and found this aritcle https://www.powertoollab.com/best-cordless-hammer-drill/ A cordless drill, it would depend on the type of work you are going to do. The Makita brand offers a lithium-ion battery that charges in 1/2 the time as a dewalt. Dewalt though is very popular for their durability. I myself is partial to Bosch brand, I also have a Hilti cordless that does not get much use. but my friend told me that they are expensive, and don't go less than 18 Volts. What is the best hammer drill? Do you have any suggestions?


Sep 3, 2012
I did a whole set of research on this 2 weeks ago. I like DeWalt because some of their tools are made in the USA. Hammer drills are one that is.

One question. Do you want a hammer drill or a rotary hammer. They are different tools but can perform similar functions but also a few different. One big diff is the chuck. The hammer drill has the typical twist lock chuck and 3 claws that come out and grab the bit. A rotary hammer uses something called a SDS bit, these are more expensive, limited choices at a home depot, but can do things like chisel tile off a floor.

A hammer drill is adding some amount of hammer action through a set of gears that bounce. A rotary hammer has a piston that actually hammers the mechanism - and providing a much improved hammering action.

This is the set I ended up getting https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-20-Volt-MAX-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Hammer-Drill-Impact-Driver-Combo-Kit-2-Tool-with-2-Batteries-3Ah-Charger-and-Bag-DCK290L2/202922445

A hammer drill you can use for fasteners like screws etc. Can't do this with a rotary hammer.

PS a impact driver is a totally different tool :)


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Dec 12, 2015
Principality of Liechtenstein
May 7, 2012
Seattle area
It really depends on what you need the hammer drill for. I tried using my Millwaukee hammer drill to drill holes in concrete to install concrete anchors. It kind of works, but is slow going. Also it only really works for small holes. I ended up buying a Bosch corded roto-hammer, like the one I was using at work. I thought about buying a cordless Millwaukee, but I did not want to spend the extra money. All the big name tool makers, like Millwaukee, Dewalt, Makita,Hilti, and Bosch make good tools. I've used them all in my work. I'm a commercial construction plumber. I would stick with the upper end models of each brand. Also I would recommend picking a brand and sticking with it. That way you have batteries and chargers that work on all of your tools.


Oct 26, 2015
Eastern WA
Normally Hilti tools from Liechtenstein are said to be (among) the best.
While it REALLY depends on your use, Hilti is the defacto company for working daily on concrete. The entire company is based on concrete work. In the EU they're considered a good company, and none of the brands like Dewalt or Makita are considered professional tools.

But are you doing a ton of work or need to make 2 holes? You can rent a bigger hammer drill for doing a couple, and blaze through it (an SDS hammer drill).
Dec 12, 2013
I use almost always MILLWALLKIETOOLS , the reason is simple . There are plenty of stores owned by MILLWALLKIETOOLS that can fix and warrentee there products. If your tool is too old they have great discounts on used or new as well.
Second place is dewalt but less stores for repairs.

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