What's Your Favorite Single Malt Scotch


Aug 22, 2014
SC Low country
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Oct 5, 2012
No one loves Talisker 18 years here?
I'm not an expert but I found it really excellent...
I do:). A lot! 10 y.o. is also great. My everyday single malt.
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Jun 17, 2010
I used to love peat......long ago! I just can’t handle it now. So that takes away Ardberg, lagavulin, laphroig for me. I love the sherry casks and the highlands, non-peat. I particularly like bunahabain, benriach, glendronach, tomatin, Ben nevis, glenfarclas.....
I love Highland Park too, especially the Valkyrie, I think the Japanese whiskeys are overrated and don’t justify their price.

for the record the Japanese own 20% of the distilleries in Scotland, including Tomatin.

Glenfarclas 17 I too find enjoyable along with Oban(bought a distillery only bottle there when I toured back in '17) and Aberlour 18
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Feb 4, 2019
I started drinking fine Tequila. Say Don Julio 1942. I can't drink brown anymore.

Even a simple bottle like this, neat, is the way to go. 20200216_190337.jpg


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Dec 26, 2010

I agree about the Red Breast. Good stuff. I have some Jameson Gold Reserve I picked up in Dublin that's good also. Don't know if I'd be able to afford the Bowmore now bet that's one pricey bottle if you can even find it now. There are so many smaller distillers in both single malt and bourbons that it's hard to keep up but I am trying. I now treat it like cheese; I just go into a specialty store I know and ask for what they like in a certain style. Rarely disappointed and helps me find new makers.

LL that's one great list. Wish I would keep track like that. :)

I picked up some Taketsuru 17yr old on a recommendation from a friend. Nice for a Japanese whiskey which I usually don't like.

Also thought you may enjoy this;

Thanks!!! Yes, you have to be a little careful with some kinds of whisky...Macallan is one where they have produced so many lines and different bottles, it is tricky to navigate. I will have to look out for Taketsuru.


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Dec 26, 2010
Hi Lloyd, how do you rate Nika on the barrel and Oban?
Hi Bonzo,

I have only had the Yoichi 10 and 20 year (have bought several bottles of the 20), and Super Nikka "Revival" which for the money was very good. You will see it the list above.

I cannot say i have spent time with Oban though I have certainly heard good things about it. Strangely, whenever i got to a proper restaurant or bar with a nice whisky collection, the guys (who know their whisky) are always talking about other whiskys besides Oban. Which means I will just have to order it and try!


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Dec 26, 2010
Ardberg Supernova, Alligator, '78, '91 and Dark Cove...all excellent. There was a slight lull in production quality from what I was told about 10 years ago. But the older stuff is great...and everything in more recent years: Alligator, Supernova, Dark Cove...have been extremely good. Dark Cove was a stunning discovery when I got an email saying they were offering a same-day opportunity to buy before it came to market. I bought 3 and was amazed at how good it was.


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May 5, 2012
for the record the Japanese own 20% of the distilleries in Scotland, including Tomatin.

Glenfarclas 17 I too find enjoyable along with Oban(bought a distillery only bottle there when I toured back in '17) and Aberlour 18
I know....in fact Ben Nevis is also owned by Nikka. A whole lot of Japanese whiskey are made from Scottish blends as far as I understand.
I love Aberlour 18 too


May 25, 2010
SF Bay Area
Not about single malts, but Scotch in general. When I first went to Hong Kong in the early '70's, after getting married to my wife who was from Hong Kong (almost 50 years ago!), people drank Scotch. Usually expensive blended Scotch, like Johnny Walker Black, or Chival Regal. Clearly, an inheritance from the Brits (and Scots) who ran Hong Kong at the time and for the previous century. However, the Chinese in Hong Kong really didn't like Scotch, it was the thing to drink. So when we went to fancy banquets, there would be a bottle of expensive Scotch and along big bottles of Coke and Ginger ale and people would always pour a little Scotch, add some ice and then fill the glass with Coke or Ginger Ale to kill the taste of the Scotch.

Fast forward to the mid '90's, and Scotch was no more to be seen. Everywhere there was Cognac, again, very expensive - even more expensive than the Scotch. At fancy restaurants there would be a glass wall where bottles of the most expensive cognac would be displayed, mostly partly consumed. They were the private bottles of their best customers, waiting for their owners to return for a meal. Why the change? Turns out the French were very smart. They spread the rumor that cognac was a great aphrodisiac (and Scotch was not). No one loves aphrodisiacs more than the Chinese (think Rhinocerus horn, etc.). Of course, that didn't mean that the people actually liked the taste of cognac, so there was always Coke and Ginger Ale as the mixers.



Nov 23, 2018
What Chinese like very much is Kweichou Moutai, few years old bottle ( not many years ) would cost about 600 to 700 euro ( 0,5 lit ) Can the taste be compared to any single malt? No way, however it depends on who expresses the opinion.

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