Boulder 2110 Series


Sep 3, 2012
I certainly did not intend for this to become a discussion on isolation transformers. I have detailed info on what was used as you might imagine. For the sake of brevity, we used a 15KVa Ultra-K isolation transformer (a commercial, not audio unit) The neighborhood transformer is only 30 ft from the isolation transformer, and serves only 2 houses. This is what allowed my to easily bypass the unit by running a second line from the neighborhood transformer to my subpanel. The isolation transformer is housed in it's own closet, which is directly beneath my audio room. The run from that transformer to my custom subpanel (which is in another "closet" inside the listening room itself) is maybe 15 ft. The outlets are right off the subpanel with the longest run being 10 Ft. All of the wire in the walls is custom wound, etc, etc, etc. The whole project was done very intentionally, and cost a handsome sum of money. All the more reason I tried to stick with it as long as I did. Despite the above, I imagine someone with more expertise than I (which would not be difficult) could find some fault with what the power consultant chose to do. What I found to be objectionable about the sound was that the bass was loose and poorly controlled, treble was mushy, and the overall presentation lacked clarity. Fortunately, I was very familiar with how these components were supposed to sound, or else I would still be chasing gremlins.

Congrats on your new room, amps and finally sorting through things to get to the state you're at !! Thanks for posting about your journey...and soon I've love to make the drive to DFW for a listen! Anytime you're in Austin, please let me know...


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Dec 26, 2010


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Jul 22, 2010
SF Bay
Boulder 2100 series is excellent. I would end with the 2110 pre and the 2160. My Aesthetix Io gives me all the tubes I need on the front end source.

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