Budget system, VR 2's


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Oct 15, 2020
Greetings everyone! Just discovered the forum, happy I did! First post, I hope it is done the right way!!

Some 14 years ago, forgive me if not accurate, my memory fails me a bit these days, I auditioned some speakers to match to my Adcom power amp and pre amp. Choices were Nola, Von Shweikert VR 2's or Von Shweikert VR4 Jr's.or Bugg tussels! I chose the 2's, fully broken in, the Jr's were not. I have kicked myself for a long time for not buying the 4's until ... I am currently fighting cancer since early February, no remission insight, so I started working on my bucket list understanding time is of the essence! One of the items in my bucket list has always been a McIntosh amplifier.

I found a dealer in Clearwater Florida willing to bring a MA 252 to my house on a Saturday to demo the Mac with my VR2"s. All I can say is "WOW", the VR2's came alive!! The low end never sounded so good. The had been driven by an NAD c375BEE, no slouch!!! But the Mac simply made the 2's sing beautifully!! My wife even said, "Never replace the VR2's, they sound awesome with the Mac!

I am so happy that I own a pair of VR2's!! For my 15x21 room the 2"s are perfect! I am thrilled to be a Von Shweikert owner, even if they are a discontinued entry level pair of speakers. Matched with a Clearaudio table, a Music Hall table and an Oppo Cd/BR player, system sounds awesome.

Thank you for building such a great speaker system. No replacement needed!!!!

Ray AKA Bogiedr


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Oct 1, 2020
Glad you’re enjoying the VR2’s !! I bought my sister a Pair for her birthday, about the same time period..
I need to get her a good amp worthy or the speakers as she’s driving them with a classic Yamaha receiver I gave her to use.. Also filling the cabinets with shot or sand really solidifies the bass.. Welcome to the forums here.. This is a great place to hang out and see some amazing systems and lots of enthusiasts ready to share their knowledge..


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Apr 21, 2010
Manila, Philippines
My brother in law has been happy the last 15 years with his VR-2s driven by his Pass Aleph P and Aleph 0s. Great speakers indeed. Happy that you are finding that there is even more performance you can get out of them Ray :)

Mullard88 a member here has a pair of VR-1s bought on a whim around the same time. When Damon and Leif of VSA came to the Philippines to set up my Ultra 11s, Mullard who lives a few minutes away set his up for us with Spectral Electronics and Master|Built cabling. I had a pair myself when I was living with my young family in a modest condo. We were all shocked as to how well the little brother has held up as well.

A lot of love goes into the design of their speakers. I'm sure Albert would have loved to have read your post.

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