DAC comparison and recommendation request


Jul 30, 2015
Washington, DC
I bought a pre-owned Mk 2 which arrived a couple of days ago. It is currently breaking in, connected to my recently purchased PS Audio Perfectwave SACD transport via a Pink Faun I2S HDMI cable. I only use physical media. Bought this combo to ultimately replace my aging Modwright modified Marantz SA8005 SACD player, since it appears there will be no more modified disc spinners coming from Modwright. Right out of the box it is close to the tubed Modwright player/power supply in terms of liquidity, naturalness of timbre, etc. (all of the tube-related attributes that I bought the Modwright for). So my biggest concern will not be an issue. CD playback is superior to the Modwright in all parameters. SACD playback is too close to call so far. I will report back once the combo is broken in, placed in the rack, connected to my top tier cables, etc.


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