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Nov 1, 2018
"She didn't know what Steven Avery did to a cat, or she wouldn't have gone to his place and take pictures of cars."

Thats true. What kind of a person could torture and kill a pet, much less any animal for that matter?

Steve Williams

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IIRC there is no denying what Steve Avery did to that cat. His defense by his lawyers was "yes but that doesn't make him a murderer" whereas the defense uses it by saying "if he could do this to a cat could he do this to her"
It's tough to take on a judgment of this magnitude and get a new trial.

My biggest concern is Brendan Dassey. What "we" saw with his confession was so coerced that it makes me shake my head that such a tactic is not only used but it is legal

Steve Williams

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Its the timing of that law suit and everything that happened that is really concerning. something does not seem right to me regarding the whole thing
Remember in MaM Part 1 Pete Avery's reversal of his conviction and the expected subsequent law suit could have bankrupted his county hence the coverup and the planting of evidence

This story is nothing short of tabloid in nature and sensationalistic so anything to fuel the fire of public opinion will keep this story alive.
Since Kathleen Zellner posted that (about 24 hours ago or more) on her Twitter account, there's a frenzy of people speculating ...
1. Making a Murderer Season 3
2. Freedom for both Steven and Brendan
3. The bones thing ... a new trial

It has to be with the bones. She's not tweeting that just for the attention.

Steve Williams

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She did. Now she's going to get her workout cut off by the multitude of new crime witnesses.
Most likely the real criminal is already in jail and only him can make life shorter in jail for Brendan.

She's going nowhere with this dead case. And $100,000 is a joke; I thought she was smarter than that. I sure appreciate all the good investigating work she did in the past by securing the freedom of innocent convicts, and exposing many truths in Making a Murderer Season 2, but she's been outplayed here by Steven Avery himself.

That's what I think.

Steve Williams

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"The Reward offer has nothing to do with the merits of Avery’s appeal which will be filed on 10/10. The law firm is not offering a reward a private individual is funding the reward. Numerous cases have been solved by reward offers."...........

I will be more interested in the appeal on 10/10 because that seems to be Avery's last chance other than taking it to the Supreme Court and we saw where that got Brendan Dassey

What I fail to understand is that if they truly murdered Teresa Halbach, how could they have been so dumb to do this after being incarcerated for 18 years for a murder he did not commit and after he settled his suit with Manitowoc County
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I have a theory ...

Some of the top killers in history were mastermind people. In Steven Avery's mind who knows best what's going on ...

Eighteen years in prison for a murder he did not commit can play some strange tricks in the mind of some less fortunates into detention. Can injustice of men brings the mind of incarcerated men to the brink of collapsing?

It's only one theory.

For example, Jeffrey Epstein chose a less complex alternative...suicide. He was no angel, he was a monster in disguise, like Steven Avery the cat killer.

Eighteen years is plenty of time to plan the perfect murder for revenge against the "policial" injustice. ...A mental revenge, equalizer.

If anyone has another theory on what or who it could have been ...
All the people involved in that case, most of them, are so twisted and mind deficient that it makes this series one of the most bizarre ones in TV series history, still not fully resolved to this day.

The bones thing I would love to know the real story; it is incomplete.
That money announcement is peanuts; @ least make it $1 million minimum.

I think we might die before we know the ultimate truth. Some mastermind people never reveal their secrets. And some secrets are billion years old.

Avery's blood was in the car of the departed driver and owner.
Did it get there by some vudu magic trick?
Thinking back @ the two seasons, briefly reviewing some key moments in my head right now; it is truly mind boggling full of twists by a bunch of twisted people from all sides of the equation

If Kathleen Zellner can resolve that case she'll be the first one to relax more in the future.
According to her it's only the beginning; there are several other legal avenues they can take (her law firm) and she will. The question is: Would she succeed in one way or another in lifting the veil? And when Steven Avery dies in jail, and that she dies too...then what?
Are the younger people working for her keeping the case open and pursuing the truth and justice?

Without the shadow of a doubt ...

Steve Williams

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But as to the car why would he have been so stupid that he abandoned it on his own property. Makes no sense
Did the police (detectives) or someone else planted it there?
Was Steven Avery framed for a murder he did not commit?
Was Brendan Dassey's confession coerced to the point of being totally false?

We are back to all the twisted plots. If this was a police/detective coup, then who killed Teresa...the detectives, the police? ...Or someone else working for the detectives in framing Steven Avery and his accomplice Brendan Dassey?

Let suppose for a moment that he was framed by the police detectives in that case; it's in the greatest interest of the state that Avery and Dassey remain in jail or die sooner than later.
The justice department of that county will do everything legally and illegally possible for the truth to be never unearthed...ever. And it spreads like an incurable disease to the highest authorities with the power given to them by whoever is running that show.

We saw so many sick players in the course of the two seasons; there is nothing to not think of more higher sick players working for a paycheck instead of the true justice.

I bet many people (lawyers, judges, prosecutors, ...) who had and took the time to look @ all the details in this case are feeling sick to their stomach too, including Kathleen Zellner of course.

My theory I just mentioned is based on pure air ...
There are so many inconsistencies in this entire sordid affair that most people simply walk away and mind their own life businesses. Nobody truly cares about people like Avery and Dassey.
Avery is a cat killer and a twisted individual towards women in the past.

What we saw in the court house was a zoo of animal players from the deepest jungles on Earth.
...From Brendan's first original clown attorney Len Kachinsky to the main lead prosecutor, Ken Kratz and everyone else between (police and detectives and judges).
Everything smelled like a bad disease and it was.

Now there's only Kathleen fighting that fight. And it's a tough one because it goes to the deep roots of an insane world of players.

The bones in my opinion is the avenue where the real truth resides.
But the judge will never allow that, over her dead body.

Not until Steven Avery gets another day in court we'll see Making a Murderer Season 3.
That could take years, plus a better and bigger announcement, like $1 million reward minimum.
$100,000 is a farce; you can go to Superstore and spend it all in one day and be broken the next.

Steve Williams

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Totally agree Bob

Here’s how I see it

KZ files on October 10 for appeal By posting the $100K reward she keeps her notoriety going in this case which then begs for a season 3

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