Favorite TV shows thread


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Jun 13, 2013
E. England
Unfortunately, Benioff and Weiss did such a poor job in the last season that it took all the magic away from an otherwise great TV show.
Spoiler Alert!!!
1. The leitmotiv of nearly every episode was the imminent attack of the Night King. How come was he killed so easily? If the White Walkers existed since the age of the First Men why did he decide to invade right now? I was expecting it would be explained.
2. Jamie's idiotic journey and soul searching. Jamie transitions from his wild hedonistic days to a redemption phase where he reflects on all of his mistakes and takes on a different path, only in the last few episodes to go back to the beginning.
3. Tyrion loses his sense of humour.
4. Dragon that used to be quite vulnerable, now become indestructible and can apparently turn whole cities into ashes. A Scorpio's arrow shot from an unstable ship floating on water from huge distance into the moving target reaches Rhaegal and takes him down, whereas hundreds of Scorpios installed on the capital's walls cannot touch Drogon.
5. The time and space continuum disappears. Characters jump in time. Previously we needed the whole season moving from Winterfell to the King's Landing, now it is just an episode.
We've decided never to watch GOT...life's too short.
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Jun 13, 2013
E. England
Yep, the "virtual watercooler moments" last longer than watching the programme Lol.


Aug 6, 2012
Milford, Michigan


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Aug 7, 2010
Just finished the 4th season of CB Strike...excellent. My wife loves the books.


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