Genesis 350se without amplifier


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Sep 2, 2023
I am looking at a pair of Genesis 350se speakers but they don’t have any cables or the 1600watt 4 channel amp/eq/crossover/phase/accelerometer unit that is a part of the 350se system.

I know I could put components together to accomplish most of this functions but the accelerometer feedback circuit is something I believe would be the most difficult to address.

I have a couple of questions:
Would it be possible to run the 350se’s without the accelerometer feedback circuit understanding that they would not sound as good but I was hopeful they could be run this way without damaging them but I am not sure?

Is there any way to purchase just the accelerometer feedback circuit, make custom cables, per other forum posts I have red, and integrate that circuit into an off the shelf amp, I think this is probably a no but worth checking?

I haven’t seen an amplifier in the last 2 year history of eBay and I don’t think I saw any ever sold separately on audiogon or any where else, is there a place to possibly purchase one of these used?

Is there an updated replacement option that would work with the 350se?

The last two options aren’t probably very realistic as these speakers are way out of my league financially and I assume I probably couldn’t afford to buy this amp or something equivelant vs the much cheaper options of using existing amps I already have with or without an accelerometer feedback circuit.

Thank you for your time and any input you have, I have enjoyed reading through the others posts and I have been very impressed by Gary’s generous engagement and willingness to help.


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Dec 26, 2010
I think you nailed it in your last sentence. Gary Koh is pretty remarkable in his passion, knowledge and (from what I have observed) willingness to help all generations of owners of Genesis speakers. If he does not respond here, I would definitely email him or Carol Koh his sister who also works at Genesis.

Best wishes...sounds like an exciting opportunity. Depending on what is available and your budget, you might even find that later technology from Genesis does not cost much more and performs even better.
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Sep 17, 2010
Seattle, WA
Hi HourGlassSand, to address your questions:

1. Yes, you could possibly run the Woofers without an accelerometer feedback circuit (AFC) - but that would negate the design of the speakers.
2. No, you can't DIY the AFC with an off the shelf amplifier.
3. No, those amplifiers are 20 - 25 years old now and one that still works, that's being sold 2nd hand would be as rare as hen's teeth.
4. Yes, we have a woofer upgrade package that includes the new servo-amps in monoblock configuration, the cables, and new woofers - but that is cost prohibitive at $42,000 for the package, and at the age of the speakers... not something we would not recommend. At that price, you may as well purchase the Maestro ($45,000) brand new.

The current equivalent model is the updated Forte at $180,000. We also have the Tribute (a tribute to Arnie Nudell's IRS) at $120,000 none of these models have the outboard servo-amps and cables (which ups the cost by quite a bit).

Feel free to give us a call at (425) 415-8383.

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