Harbottle C18L2


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Jan 4, 2023
Anybody using a Harbottle C18 subwoofer in a 2 channel music only system?

Or has anybody heard a Harbottle sub in a 2 channel music only system?

I've had REL subs before and I want to try something else. I don't need to be convinced about the efficacy of subs. For me, REL has become a bit of a car dealer in that they're always putting on "the sell." I feel like they're always asking me, "now what do I have to do to get you behind the wheel of this beauty?" I get it. They're a business, and they need to grow, therefore they need to sell.

Back to Harbottle. Any experience out there?
Since I have a home in the same area code as the owners of the company that assembled your previous sub-bass speaker pay taxes in, well...
Your used car analogy sounds like your ready for more than just some chrome bits, shiny paint and a crowned cyclops?

No experience with Harbottle. There's a mention of Funk, as in Funk Firm Subwoofer's? No experience with those either but I've read some positive first hand by experienced users.

At this price point I would expect some easy to use remote controlled automatic and manual signal processing including a calibrated mic, software and test tones. But that's me.

The brief website setups manual adjustments seem adequate. There's mention of presets which suggest software and memory?
["Let the guy who designed your sub tune it for your room."] Do you live near this 'guy'?

After having one of those sub-bass speakers myself I imagine the Harbottle should offer far more than just a noticeable improvement.

All the best.
There is really no comparison between a REL and a Funk Audio sub. It’s like comparing a Kia Stinger to a Singer 911 (to maintain the car analogy)!

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