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Mar 4, 2014
the Upper Midwest
I guess saying one cleans better than the other is too controversial for this forum so we should ignore that and focus on the other aspects. It's undeniable that the Degritter has more features, finer adjustments, has a filtering system, is quieter, is easier to fill and clean, is firmware controlled, and is much cheaper.

Saying you think one RCM is better than another RCM is not controversial, but you may get called on it and need to back up what you say, or be less adamant.

There are lot's of 'comments' to be made about the Degritter and it has some of the same issues as other desktop single-LP RCMs. Most (all?) don't have open access to their wash tanks and it's nearly impossible to clean their interiors. Most don't offer a way to measure the quality of the water in the tank where the record is cleaned. I could go on, but it's not really about dissing products to declare one is best. I do think it is reasonable to discuss pros and cons. Virtually every RCM will get a record initially cleaner than it was before cleaning and that's a good thing. The viability of the analog way depends on having clean media.

A main area where I am sceptical of the Degritter approach is its sole use of the 120kHz cavitator frequency. I know why they do it and the rationales offered for its adoption, which are valid within their context - as far as they go. I'll leave it there.

One thing I liked about the KLaudio was their later work with external source water (vs. captured water) and their efforts at filtering. Productizing such wasn't cheap but they did it. Maybe that didn't catch on fast enough. The original machine's weakness (which some saw as a feature) was its lack of use of surfactants.
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May 31, 2019
Saying you think one RCM is better than another RCM is not controversial, but you may get called on it and need to back up what you say, or be less adamant.

All I can do is use both in my home and report my actual experiences. Not sure what else I can do to "back up what I say". I am not a laboratory. It's clear to me which one cleans better.


Jun 7, 2014
Redland, Oregon
I thought Klaudio was pretty clear about not using cleaning agents in their machines - did that change?
Well, they have/had a 2 year warranty, mine is about 5 years old already. The use of cleaning solutions will void the warranty. I was simply thinking if Degritter had come up with a non-sudsing surfactant that worked in their machine, it might also work in the KLaudio. I have access to all the deionized water I will ever need, so it might be worth the experiment. I'd probably start with 1/4 the amount recommended. A trace of cleaner shouldn't have any impact on the internals, all it really does is make water wetter.
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Audiophile Bill

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Mar 23, 2015
6k includes Ricardo's mark up, who know's what KL sell for? From memory when they first launched in the US, they were 2.8k USD, how they ended up at 6k UK retail is beyond me tbh..

Well said

Audiophile Bill

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Mar 23, 2015
Is there a thread on here of owner’s home brew ultrasonic machines? My ADS is dead.


Jan 29, 2012
Christian, KL was a no go for the majority of UK buyers, esp w the much suspected crazy mark up from the distributor.

I remain amazed KL didn't go to a direct sales model.

W the KL at c£6k, ADS at just over £3k and Degritter rrp closer to £2-2.5k, KL had no chance here.

Well the KL worked and the ADS failed consistently with everyone purchased. It seems like several KL's were sold in Europe do to the lack of quality competition.


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Jul 15, 2012
I use the KLaudio but dont intend upgrading to the Degritter anytime soon....

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