Kuzma 4 point 14” cartridge compatibility?

I don't own one, but have setup a few carts on the '14'. The list of what works, not to say particularly synergistic, is far longer than what doesn't. ( 19g after all is not so high ). At over 2kg the total weight of the assembly is up there, only an issue if the TT has a suspension tho...

If you have a shortlist of cart contenders you may get more specific user experiences!
Very interesting! Could you post your list? I'm considering to sample a regular van den Hul FROG Gold!
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Does anyone have experience with the Air Tight Opus 1 on the 4Point?
Dear Ron,

I have the Opus-1 next to my 4point 11”arm, on my Acoustic Signature TA-9000 12” arm…
I have never tried it on the 4point, so I can’t say…. but on the TA-9000 12” it’s definitely a super match… Works great and sounds terrific.
Maybe I have to move it some day and try it out on the 4point… Maybe it’s an even better match… future will tell….

/ Jk
Hi all. I'm reviving this thread because I'm considering upgrading my Graham Phantom Supreme to a 4Point-14. This would be on my SP10R in a 2-arm Artisan Fidelity plinth. Does anyone have experience with the MSL Platinum or Gold on this huge arm? Feedback I've gotten elsewhere is that the 14 is too heavy for these cartridges, but I'd love to her what actual users have experienced.

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