New Accuphase E-800 50th Anniversary Integrated


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Apr 20, 2014
Mono & Stereo announced a new 50th Anniversary flagship Class A Integrated which will be launched at the end of 2019. The new amp will have 50 watts/8 Ohms Class A power. The msrp will be $21KUS, positioning the amp in between the Vitus RI-101 and SIA-025 Mk2.

According to Online Stereosound, the new amp inherits the fully balanced AAVA volume control from the C3850. As per the E-650. the amp has two option board expansion slots for the legacy DAC-50 Digital Input, AD-50 MM/MC Phono & LINE-10 boards. (Footnote: the option boards for the Vitus SIA-030 are an improved version of the option boards for the RI-101, developed specially for the 030). And like the 40th Anniversary line of products, this new line should lead to a range of models being updated incl: the C3850, A250, and DC/DP950.

The amp has some impressive specs, incl: a high damping factor of 1000. And it is a heavyweight at 36kg which is approaching the RI-101 (40kg). Still it's more evolution than revolution as per most new Accuphase offerings. Here are the preliminary specs..

? Rated continuous average output: 300W / ch (1?) (limited to music signals), 200W / ch (2?), 100W / ch (4?), 50W / ch (8?)
? Total harmonic distortion: 0.05% 2? load , 0.03% 4 to 16? load
IM distortion rate: 0.01%
Frequency characteristics: MAIN IN: Rated continuous average output 20Hz to 20kHz -0.2dB, 1W output 3Hz to 150kHz -3.0dB, HIGH LEVEL INPUT: Rated continuous average Output: 20Hz to 20kHz -0.5dB
? Damping factor: 1000 (8? 50Hz)
? Load impedance: 2 to 16?
? Output voltage and output impedance: PRE OUTPUT, LINE: 796mV / 50?, BAL: 796mV / 50?
? Tone control: bass 300Hz / + -10dB , treble 3KHz / +-10dB
? Loudness control: + 6dB (100Hz)
? Attenuator: -20dB
? Power consumption: 180W ( No signal), 390W (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law), 280W (8? load rated output)
? Accessories: Instruction manual, remote control (RC -240), power cable (APL-1)


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My Accuphase dealer just received his E-800 yesterday. He states that the performance far exceeded his expectations and is on par with the separates. I may have to take a trip to listen!
Uh oh, I think I see another upgrade in your future....
LOL! I hope not. I am very happy with my Luxman tube preamp and Gato mono blocks!
Uh oh, I think I see another upgrade in your future....
Well- you called it. The E-800 will arrive by the end of this month. It will be interesting to see how it stands upon to my current rig.
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I also couldn't resist and ordered one, the 25th of this month I left the factory in Japan!
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Santa Claus was generous to me, yesterday I received my Accuphase E-800, I heard very little, but I am very excited about the equipment!

Rob, it looks like we have the same Tannoy (Royal HE)
It is too early to comment, but it is heading towards a lasting marriage!
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Yes, my Westminster are HE, although I use Accuphase Class AB Integrated along with C-27 phono and T-1000 timer.
The Accuphase is very refined and reliable, I am thinking of buying the C-47, but first I will have to sell my Esoteric E-03.
Thanks Amolan, are you on any Brazilian forums?

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