Pivoting Linear-Tracking Tonearms

At High End Munich I had the pleasure of meeting Helmut Theil and speaking with him at some length about his tonearm. I found Helmut to be the model of a gentleman passionate about his work. I also listened to the arm in a modest system by HEM standards that was more enjoyable than many of the uber systems at the show. The system included the darTZeel 8550 integrated and one of the smaller Steinhem models, the Aluminae 3 if I am not mistaken. The arms finish was superb and according to Helmut his arm is quite easy to install.


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The platter has a .0035 bowl shape that flattens out the LP.

The arm operates usually around 12 PSI, Pictures are from 2005.

Never use Silicone~! It creeps and ruins everything. We use 50 weight Mobil 1 Synthetic (Has no smell).

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Whole mechanism is located one or two inches over the platter, how do you change records? Do you have to swing whole mechanism to side?
We already thought of that problem, Fixed it by machining the platter with a .0035" incline that traps the LP into a bowl shape.

Tonearm runs at about 12 PSI.

Also NEVER use Silicone! it creeps.
Never had a problem with silicone in any application ! Except laying my hands on the good stuff ! ;)
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