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Mar 27, 2017
Hi, anyone using HRS damping plate on this Spectral CD player? I am curious what you have found to be the best placement of the plate. I am experimenting with a 14 inch long one, and so far, it seems best positioned in the middle, from side to side. I have also tried it front to back over the CD mechanism. My equipment is between my speakers, so I imagine I am getting vibrational resonance. I will continue to play, but it would be helpful if I could benefit from other's experience. I know I should trust my ears, but so far, while I am hearing slight differences, I am still not sure which I prefer.


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Dec 26, 2010
Hi...cannot speak to the Spectral. All I can say is that I use damping plates (HRS, Artesania) to great effect. On transports, the Zanden is top loading so I do not use one there. Plus with SRA underneath which is calibrated for the weight and positioning of the equipment itself, it is the only under-isolation I have ever used where damping makes things worse.

By contrast, damping has worked in many applications for us. As for our Oppo transport, I found benefit from 2 locations...over the transport mechanism itself (long way going side to side rather than long running back to front)...and back left across the power supply and IEC inlet areas.

I once discovered for some reason that the damping plate over an old CJ preamp sounded best side to side over midsection of the preamp...but slightly OFF-CENTER, closer to the left. The placement drove me crazy because it looked 'crooked'...and every time i would get up and center it...i felt the sound degraded and I would put it back.

A few years later, I saw a picture of the inside of the preamp...and the sensitive circuitry was inside the midsection of the unit...but slightly off to the left. So trusting your ears may just be the perfect answer.

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