Shunyata Grounding Solution Rumors?


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Dec 21, 2015
When I bought the Everest at the end of last year, I had a discussion with people at Shunyata about signal side grounding solutions. They mentioned they might have something coming in 2021. Now I noticed that there is a new Grounding product category on Shunyata’s website with a coming soon. So anyone have any juicy rumors on what this might be?
I got some more information on the Altaira (grounding product):

It is going to be similar to the Nordost QKORE in that it will have grounding solution for the AC power side and another for the DC side (signal). However it will be different as supposedly it will actually be two different units. AC side will be chassis grounding unit. DC side will be signal grounding. And then both can be attached to one of their power distributors using the ground posts.
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