Super3 - a supercapacitor LPS, by Farad Power Supplies


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Nov 30, 2012
Kirkland, WA
Super3 24V ordered w Furu rhodium IEC and SR Orange fuse.
As we say in UK, "I've treated myself" lol.
Also ordered Sablon DC lead for good measure.

Some of the complaints about rhodium come from it being put in contact with a dissimilar metal. Since your “Furutech sockets are all Rhodium”, it was a good call to go with this. I use Shunyata products and their choice of metals have them recommending avoidance of rhodium so none of my three Super3s have the rhodium IEC. But all have Orange fuses, that I swapped in later. Absolutely worth it.

As far as DC cables, this was easily the best I’ve tried: It takes a few weeks to burn in but is quite stunning once it gets there. They usually have a discount code listed on their home page.

I haven‘t tried the Sablon DC cable, though odds are that it’s really good.

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