Sutherland Phono Stages

New dual mono transimpedance stages: Dos Locos!

Interesting that it seems like the minimum impedance has increased compared to the prior TZ units...
Plus purple PCBs and a black finish available.

What was the recommended internal resistance of prior models? I've not seen them commit to a set figure.
There is more to consider besides impedance. The inductance, and also the overall output of the cartridge is also a consideration. Low impedance is typically just safe, but there are other instances when even over 20 ohms works well, and other instances when low impedance has too high inductance to work well with transimpedance designs (for example, moving iron types). It is best to consult with the dealer on which cartridges will work well.

The Dos Locos, is by far, Ron's greatest achievement to date, and it is doing things I have never heard another phono stage do. It is replacing some very expensive, and also other current input based phono preamps in manufacturers and in very high end systems and the like. Truly a special product that checks all the boxes, and has me realizing new boxes to check!

I am currently using the Benz TR, Dynavector XV1S, AT33 MONO, and Mutech Hayabusa. Also heard the Trans. Proteus work a treat in another system, as well as even the Benz Lp! There are so many more that also work well.

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