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Digital Underground - Sex Packets

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I was very curious what was behind this intriguing name, so I googled it. I must say it is quite a story.

It turns out that the Group leader Shock G explained that "sex packets" were drugs that when taken would induce the user to orgasm. The story went that the US government created them for astronauts after learning that they perform better when sexually satisfied.

According to Shock G, one of the singers Edward Earl Cook (a.k.a. Schmoov) was actually working on sex packets, and was convinced he could market them. Shock G decided to run with the concept and the pair developed a whole story around it, with plenty of detail. They claimed that the "sex packets" were invented by Edward Earl Cook, who was a scientific adviser to NASA and associated with Stanford University. The packets were part of the rations on space flights, and had migrated to the underground drug scene on the West Coast. As Shock would tell journalists, the pills would put you to sleep for a few minutes, and when you wake up, you will have had a nocturnal emission (and crave a cigarette). They even came up with a clinical name for the drug: Genetic Suppression Release Antidote (GSRA).

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