Zero Distortion: Altec Assault and the Magic of Misho (Audio Antiquary)

Warning: This is a long article, so you can take breaks while reading it, as it covers different sections:
  1. Introduction to Misho (AudioAntiquary) and the Altecs, his background owning Altecs, Bionor, WE 16a, etc
  2. Compares of his electronics against Audio Note Neiro 2a3, Allnic Phono, and comments from users who own it with Kondo and CJ GAt II
  3. Tour of various other Altecs and VOTTs in EU
  4. My own decision to go with dual woofer FLHs
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Jan 18, 2012
Drobak Norway
the concept was first applied on my sub horns, then we discussed a little about testing it on the FLH midbasshorns
the idea is to balance the pressure in the horn and the rear"chamber, to avoid air being pressed through the membrane of the woofers and lower distortion
also the impedance peak is severely lowered and the whole thing represent a much easier load on the amp
in the pre ventilated version of the FLH, they had a horn reflection at 130Hz, which dropped to 30.
......-in other words out of the working range
both sub and mid sounds much more easy flowing and differentiates harmonics and dynamics much better when ventilated.
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