Any Bergmann "Galder" owners here ?


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May 25, 2010
Jersey Shore- waterside
BTW, Phillip, i just realized that you are the importer for Bergmann and want to congratulate you. It is a wonderful product and for my system and budget sounds wonderful. Also I want to say that both Alex and Fabio of Alma provide amazing service. I live on the left coast and Fabio came and installed the Bergman, and Alex came in set up my MSB DAC. Pretty amazing service IMHO!
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Jan 30, 2021
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My only criticism of the DE-E1 was when we listened to solo piano. My mother was a piano teacher in Cork city, Ireland who retired from the Cork School of Music at the ages of 65, 75 & finally 85. As you can imagine, during my youth, I spent countless hours listening to solo piano, played at various levels of musicianship. As a result, my go-to instrument for identifying tonal colour is the piano.
We listened to the stunning Jackson Berkey play Debussy's Sunken Cathedral. Bear in mind that the cartridge was brand new & the phono stage was also new and was not at operating temperature, did not have 48 hours to truly warm up. Neither unit was broken-in. But the audible difference between a traditional cartridge & phono stage was while the optical system was dramatically quieter, it lacked a huge amount of tonal colour. Be interesting to hear the W-2, optical cartridge with the EMM Labs DS-EQ1 optical phono stage, and see if they redress the tonal color shortfall. Very promising technology.
Meanwhile, I am v happy with the Dynavector XV1S.
Expect an update later this week. Happy listening, Philip
Well - a small change of plans...

Having put roughly 60 h on my DS E1 I sold it. Especially the tonality of "more of everything" became too much in my system.

Now I have ordered 2 new cartridges instead. Dynavector TE-K and Hana ML.

Then I can go back to the Dynavector sound I find pleasing and try a new contender in the very wide / competitive mid segment of 1.500$

// Chris
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Apr 25, 2019
add another galder owner to the list. Joe and Ron’s enthusiasm for vinyl finally won me over. Placed an order with Joe for a Galder with vacuum hold down and Odin tonearm with sound smith hyperion cartridge. I decided not to skimp because I really want a firm foundation and i want a System to equal or better my MSB set up. Hera ya go @Philip O Hanlon

Ron Resnick

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Jan 25, 2015
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Congratulations, Hugh! I think you made wonderful decisions there! (I am not personally familiar with the cartridge, but if Joe Cali loves it that is way more than good enough for me.)

I am extremely confident you will be happy with this set-up!
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